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  • Shanghai & Shenzhen
    Guangzhou & Hongkong
    (Project Center)
    Contacts: Ms Momo
    Tel: (0086) 13509817053
    Mobile: (0086) 15221865538
    Email: momo@seehog.com
    Wechat ID: seehog
    QQ: 1904388170
    Skype ID: seafreightchina
    Website: www.seehog.com
    what's app: +86 15221865538
    Add: Block6,Golden Bridge Building,No.3611,Zhangyang Road,Pudong,Shanghai

    CHINA SEEHOG GLOBAL SHIPPING & LOGISTICS is the largest import logistics company in China. SEEHOG was established in 1997, holding network platform with 9 branch offices in coastal cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dong Guan, Suzhou, Ningbo, Tianjin, Qingdao, Xiamen and Hong Kong. Total 580 consultants focus on global import logistics such as Air & Ocean Shipping. CFS cargoes door to door freight forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Commodity inspection (CIQ), China Customs Declaration, China Import Tariff, China Import Tax, China Import Duty, China Customs Duty,Hong Kong Inspection, Warehouse and Trucking service. SEEHOG mainly import 6 types of goods as MACHINES & PRODUCTION LINE,FOOD, CHEMICALS, WOOD and GROCERY from American,Europe,Japan,Taiwan,India, Southeast Asia etc. to China. In the past 17 years, SEEHOG collected more than 80,000.00 successful import cases such as used machine, CNC lathe, wine, oliveoils, water, coffee, cosmetics, chemicals, etc. SEEHOG also is very good at agency to deal with L/C in China bank, foreign exchange payment transfer and purchasing in China to help our customs Import & Export trading business more smoothly.

    SeeHog works on China customs clearance, air or sea freight Shipping, local logistics, warhouse, distribution and Trading, transporation ,trucking 
    payment agency T/T, L/C etc

    SeeHog focus on Global goods products import & export to China, including: 

    1. Food & Beverage (wines, oliveoils, beers, Alcohols, pring water, chocolate, coffee, biscuit, cake, honey...etc.)
    2. Machinery & equipment (CNC centre, Production-line, Equipment, New or Used equipment and machines, and Instruments...etc.)
    3. Wood Timber (African wood, logs, Southeast wood timber, square wood,....etc)
    4. Chemicals & Cosmetics products(American chemcials, coasting, painting, Korean...Japanese, Canadian, and Austalian chemicals ....etc.)
    5. Luxury products(private helicopter, Yacht, boat, cars, truck,mountain bike....etc)
    6. Others ( FCL container or LCL shipments or express couriers to China)

    7. Email:  momo@seehog.com   & coco@seehog.com


    1. Air freight
    2. Sea freight
    3. LCL / FCL
    4. Door to door
    5. Port to port
    6. Express Courier
    7. Bulk Chartering
    8. Import & Export


    9. HS code checking
    10. Customs Declaration
    11. Inspection Agent
    12. Transit shipment
    13. Documents
    14. Warehousing
    15. Distribution
    Import Agent
    16. Import Tariff
    17. Import License
    18. Import Inspection
    19. Import Clearance
    20. Import Logistics

    China Sourcing Agent
    21. Products Sourcing
    22. Price Negotiation
    23. Samples Collection
    24. Order Processing
    25. Quality Control
    26. Pre-shipment Inspection
    27. L/C negotiation
    28. Money transfer



    Contact: Terri                        TEL: +8613671815098  

    Mail: terri@seehog.com        Wechat: customs_clearance        QQ: 2098603790

    Add: Room501, Block A,No.8, Chaoyang road, Chaoyang district,Beijing



    Contact: MOMO                       TEL: +86 15221865538   

    Mail:  momo@seehog.com       Wechat: seehog                   QQ: 1904388170

    Add: Room1601, Block6, Golden Bridge Building, No.3611, Zhangyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai



    Contact: Amber   

    TEL: +86 13509817053           QQ: 1904388170

    Mail:  amber@seehog.com       Wechat: import_service

    Add: Room1315, Yugang building, No.6, Dashadong Road, Huangpu, Guangzhou



    Contact:Summer                         TEL: +86 13827297210  

    Mail:summer@seehog.com        Wechat: chinaimportagent        QQ: 2087586166

    Add: Room2303, Zhantao technology building, Minzhi Road, Longhua, Baoan, Shenzhen



    Contact: Elena                             TEL: +86 15221865538

    Mail: elena@seehog.com            QQ:1904388170

    Add: Room603,6th floor, Alliance Building 130-136 Connaught Road C, Hong Kong



    Contact: Gordon                         TEL: +86 13671816028  

    Mail: Gordon@seehog.com        Wechat: customsdeclaration     QQ: 2797710753

    Add: Room 6038, Jinfeng building, High-tech industry park, Huli district, Xiamen



    Contact: Trista                          TEL: +86 13671815098 

    Mail:  trista@seehog.com         Wechat: customsdeclarer      QQ: 3123865805

    Add: Room 2609, Xinda building, No.188, Jiefangbei Road, Heping district, Tianjin



    Contact: Eva                               TEL: +86 13681641380 

    Mail: eva@seehog.com              Wechat: Eva-jinkoubaoguan     QQ: 3147661848

    Add: Room1504, BlockA, Jiahui Trading Center, No.11, Rainbow Road, Jiangdong, Ningbo



    Contact: COCO                              TEL: +86 13712788556

    Mail: coco@seehog.com               QQ: 245648762

    Add: Room2105, Yangtze center, No.517, Yangtze middle road, development zone,Qingdao



    Contact: King                              TEL: +86 13509817053

    Mail: king@seehog.com             QQ:  1904388170

    Add: Room306,zhongfu building,zanhua road,nancheng,dongguan


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