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    Beijing Customs Broker

    Beijing Customs broker,Customs broker beijing,Customs broker peking, customs broker beijing airport, customs broker beijing capital airport clearance service

    Beijing Customs Broker, Customs broker Beijing operating process:

    Beijing Airport Customs Broker:
    1. SeeHog deal with B/L exchanged and pick up cargoes after receiving:  Arrival Notice,original B/L or Surrender Guarantee from clients.
    2. Certificates Prepared:
    a. Packing list, Invoice, Customs Broker China & Inspection power of attorney. 
    b. If import from Europe/America/Korea/Japan… to China, IPPC certificates needed for wood packaging.
    c. Auto Import license of electromechanical products, Important industrial products license.
    d. Tax relief brochure provided if have.
    3. For customs appraised, client need offer relative price proof such as L/C, guarantee slip, origin invoice and documents that asked for by Customs Broker Beijing, Customs clearance beijing, Beijing Clearing Agent, Customs Agent Beijing, Beijing airport Customs broker
    4. Client pay Customs Agent beijing, Customs clearance beijing, Customs broker beijing airport, Customs brokerage beijing, within 7 working days after customs release bill of tax. Any expired will be charged delay fees day by day.
    5. Release cargoes and delivery to destination.
    (Notice: Client must do customs broker beijing, customs declaration beijing, customs declare agent beijing, Beijing Clearance service, Customs brokerage capital airport declaration, customs broker experts, customs process and procedure, beijing customs broker charge fees within 14 days after cargoes arrival at port)

    Import and Export customs broker in beijing:
    1. Exporter registered at Beijing customs Broker with export & import rights and inspection qualifications.
    2. Within 24 hours before loading, get all the certificates that customs broker beijing asked for customs Broker beijing.
    a. Certificates Prepared: Packing list, Invoice, Contract, Customs Broker Agent & Inspection power of attorney, Tax refund certificate, shipping order.
    b. Export license, beijing Customs broker documents needed follow customs broker
    c. Export brochure provided if have.
    3. Inspection Certificates:
      a. Clients should get all packing list, Invoice, Contract, Inspection power of attorney, manufacturer’s inspection certificate, carton packaging list for declare 3 days in advance.
      b. Export to Europe/America/Australia/Canada with wood packaging needed should do fumigation or heat treatment for 24 hours.
    4. Pay for tax.
    5. Documents for Customs broker in beijing on-site examination.
    6. Release cargoes, container checking and loading.
    7. Customs broker  refund.

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